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Climate change is a phenomenon that most scientists agree is occurring to our planet right now. Check out the following web sites to learn how climate change affects you.

Climate Change
Government of Canada Climate Change web site The Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Calculator
Office of Energy Efficiency The Green Lane (Environment Canada)
Climate Change and Health (Health Canada) CSA Climate Change, GHG Registries
Green Communities Canada The Clean Air Partnership
Climate Change Central  

A great way to reduce the harmful effects of petroleum and diesel emissions is to use alternative forms of fuel. Below are a list of links related to these cleaner burning energy sources.

Alternative Fuels
Natural Gas Canadian Natural Gas Vehicles Alliance
International Association of Natural Gas Vehicles
Propane Propane Gas Association of Canada
Ethanol Producers Canadian Renewable Fuels Association
Commercial Alcohols Inc.
Iogen Corporation
Ethanol Retailers MacEwen Petroleum
Mohawk Canada Inc
Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Canadian Hydrogen Association
Canadian Transportation Fuel Cell Alliance
U.S. Department of Energy: FreedomCAR and Vehicle Technologies Program
National Research Council Fuel Cell Research
Biodiesel Canadian Renewable Fuels Association
City of Saskatoon - Saskatoon Transit Services
Montreal BIOBUS Project
The National Biodiesel Board
Natural Resources Canada: Vehicle Fuels
Natural Resources Canada: BIOBUS Demonstration Project
Ontario Soybean Growers

As technology progresses, alternative-fuel vehicles are becoming increasingly more available to the average consumer. Learn more about battery-electric and hybrid vehicles from the links below.

Alternative-Fuel Vehicles
British Columbia - Clean Vehicles and Fuels Program
U.S. Department of Energy, Hybrid Electric Vehicle Program

Of course the best way to decrease fossil fuel consumption is to stop driving vehicles all together. Using alternative forms of transportation can help the environment as well as your health. Check out the sites below for more info.

Alternative Transportation
WALTS Windsor Area Long Range Transportation Study
Cycle Windsor
City Street Celebration - An Expo for Alternative Transportation
Calgary Alternative Transportation Co-operative
DeClarke's Transportation Alternatives Page

The outside environment isn't the only thing being polluted when you run your vehicle. The inside of your car is also getting flooded with exhaust toxins as you drive or idle. Learn more about this danger from the following links:

In-Vehicle Air Polution
ICTA Report on In-Car Air Pollution
2006 Automotive Plastics Report Card

Government of Canada
Health Canada - Health and Air Quality Program
Environment Canada
Natural Resources Canada

Canadian Association for Physicians for the Environment
Canadian Lung Association (inside the Respiratory System, Teacher's Resource)
The Children's Environmental Health Network (range of issues and information including Child Safety Tips for Parents)

Clean Air Champions (an organization that works with respected athletes to encourage Canadians to get active for the environment)
Go for Green (Active & Safe Routes to School, The Active Living and Environment Program)
Pembina Institute (has curriculum materials for climate change lessons and other air quality issues)
Pollution Probe (environmental watchdog focused on topical issues including air, water, soil quality and policy)

Environmental Education and Safety
Detour Publications (a non-profit, on-line bookstore specializing in sustainable transportation and urban ecology).
Environmental Education Directory
Green Teacher (focused on environmental education issues in Canada)
Safe Kids Canada (guidelines and suggestions of how to promote and encourage safety for children)

What Other Communities are Doing in Canada
Alberta Hamilton Markham/Newmarket
Mississauga 1 Mississauga 2 Oakville
Other Cities Ottawa Sherbrook
Sudbury Toronto Vancouver
Waterloo Yukon  

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