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Anti-Idling Info
Teaching Resources
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Clean Air Game


Below are three brochures providing comprehensive information about anti-idling. Each one is geared to a different audience, emphasizing different aspects of the issue. Also provided are various translated versions of two of the brochures. Download one or all of these PDF files for your own library by clicking on the respective images.

Anti-Idling Information PDF's

English Franšais Serbo Croatian Spanish Arabic Mandarin
Children's Health
Economic Impact

Idle-Free Windsor: The Full Story

Listen to Dr. Lynn Perreault as she describes the health issues surrounding vehicle idling, the development of idle-free windsor, a detailed anti-idling blitz report, and instructions for creating your own campaign. (files are in mp3 format)

  1. Preface
  2. Background Part 1
  3. Background Part 2
  4. Background Part 3
  5. Background Part 4
  6. Background Part 5
  7. About Idle-Free Windsor
  8. Anti-idling Report Part 1
  9. Anti-idling Report Part 2
  10. Set-up your own campaign

Idle-Free Windsor: The Presentation

Follow along as the harmful health and environmental effects of vehicle idling are explained in this helpful PDF document. The Idle-Free Windsor Presentation.

Teaching Resources

In this section, you will find various curriculum-based lesson plans that incorporate the anti-idling theme.  Feel free to share your students' work with us.  Upon request, we can post your students' work on the Kid's Page of our website (please include the student's name, age, and school).  Please mail or e-mail your material here. New lesson plans will continue to be posted throughout the next few months.

Lesson Plans

Promotional Resources

Below are PDF versions of some of our pomotional material including posters and info sheets. Feel free to use these materials to help promote reduced idling in your community.

Promotional Material


Info Sheet


The Clean Air Game

Click on the polluting car to download a PDF version of the Clean Air Game. Simply print out the playing surface and instructions and you'll be ready to go.

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