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Particulate matter settling on factory roof top
Particulate matter settling on factory roof top.

Air Quality & Climate Change

The Citizens Environment Alliance is inviting the City of Windsor to take leadership in fighting air pollution in our community. A strong anti-smog plan is key. To combat smog the City of Windsor and its departments on

Haze over the Detroit River
Haze over the Detroit River.

Water Issues

The CEA has participated in the Detroit River Remedial Action Plan (RAP) since its inception in 1987. Our commitment to ensuring public participation in the RAP process through the Detroit River Canadian Cleanup means that we will continue to press for a comprehensive cleanup and protection plan for the Detroit River. read on

Habitat cleanup
Habitat cleanup

Habitat/Green Space Protection

Since its inception in 1985, the CEA has challenged local and international governments to maintain the few green spaces left in our region. Our mandate to restore, maintain and enhance our local environment is a never-ending challenge that has been tested many     times. read on

Toxins in the city.
Toxins in the city.


Both Canada and the U.S. have legislated, nation-wide, publicly accessible pollutant inventories: the National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) and the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI), respectively. The CEA does local analyses of the NPRI and TRI data in an effort to empower citizens, through information, to hold companies and governments accountable in terms of the management of pollutants. read on

Green Prosperity
Green Prosperity

Green Prosperity

The CEA in conjunction with 19 of Ontario's leading environmental organizations have created Green Prosperity, an action agenda for the province, that we believe will help make Ontario a world leader in green practices and programs. read on

Our resource centre.
Our resource centre.

Resource Centre

We have an extensive Environmental Resource Library with a searchable data base at our office, 1950 Ottawa St., Windsor, ON. We are also in the process of providing a searchable, digital, on-line, library system as well. Stay tuned.

Order an Anti-idling sign today.
Order an anti-idling sign today.

Idle-Free Windsor

Idle-Free Windsor is a project designed to create awareness of the effects of vehicle emissions and ways to decrease their output. Although it exists only in an archival state, our website: Idle-Free Windsor has all the info you need about vehicle emissions, health, ands ways to reduce our output of these harmful pollutants.