Citizens Environment Alliance
June 30, 2001

Citizens Environment Alliance Congratulates Herb Gray on Climate Change

Windsor, Ontario -

The Citizens Environment Alliance welcomed the Canadian Government’s recent commitment to ratify the Kyoto Protocol. In particular, Deputy Prime Minister Herb Gray must be commended for helping to move negotiations forward by committing to ratify the Kyoto Protocol despite the absence of the United States and vocal opposition from President George Bush.

In a letter to the Deputy Prime Minister, CEA President Shawn Hupka wrote, “Without your leadership at the recent international negotiations in Bonn Germany, an international agreement on climate change may not have been possible. Thank you.”

Climate Change is one of the most important public policy issues facing the international community. Canada has boldly and rightfully established a position separate from the deplorable and short-sighted stance taken by the Bush administration in the United States.

The David Suzuki Foundation agreed….

"This is a significant global landmark that starts us on a firm path for climate protection," said Gerry Scott, the climate change campaign director for the David Suzuki Foundation. "Canada must be acknowledged for its commitment to exclude nuclear reactor exports as a means of fighting climate change and its conviction to ratify the Kyoto Protocol.".

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President, Citizens Environment Alliance
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