Citizens Environment Alliance
March 14, 2000

The CEA Requests Marshfield File from ERCA

Windsor, Ontario - The Citizens Environment Alliance (CEA) has submitted a formal request under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act to the Essex Region Conservation Authority (ERCA) for the entire contents of its Marshfield Woods File. The CEA has doubts about ERCA management's commitment to the preservation of the woodlot.

"After the Windsor Star reported that ERCA management is meeting behind closed doors in an attempt to sellout the Marshfield Woods forest (contradicting their public fight to preserve that forest) the members of the CEA concluded that ERCA management is not fulfilling their duties to preserve and enhance our natural environment," said Lisa Tulen, habitat specialist for the Citizens Environment Alliance.

"ERCA's stated mission is 'to provide leadership in fostering, co-ordinating and implementing the conservation of natural resources...' Undermining the work of hundreds of conservationists and environmentalists is hardly leadership," said Shawn Hupka, Research Assistant for the Citizens Environment Alliance.

"As a long time supporter of the Coalition to Preserve Marshfield Woods I'm shocked that ERCA would do such a thing," commented Dianne Lockwood, of the CEA. "I thought, like so many other people, that they were opposed to the golf course development on Marshfield because they are supposed to assist in the preservation of natural lands," she continued.

Because the CEA's mandate includes gathering and disseminating information of an environmental nature to the general public we feel it is our obligation to obtain the information contained in ERCA's files with regards to Marshfield Woods and share it with this community.

For more information contact:
Shawn Hupka
President, Citizens Environment Alliance
(519) 973-1116