Here are some lines that Walkerville Collegiate students would use to convince drivers to stop idling while parked.

Sir, could you please turn off your vehicle? You should do so because it’s illegal.
My lungs hurt, so would you mind turning off your engine?

Girl: Excuse me sir, but could you please turn off your engine?

Driver: Uh, why?

Girl: You’re hurting my baby!

Driver: Why would it hurt the baby?

Girl: Because your car is producing dangerous chemicals like carbon monoxide that are hurting me and my baby.

Please turn off your engine… I am child bearing, and I want my baby to have the best life possible. She will lead a healthier life, as will the other children in this neighbourhood, if you reduce your car idling to a minimum.

Hey driver, can you please turn off your car because by running your engine you’re contributing to global warming. Not only is it illegal, but you’re also putting your health and everyone else’s at risk.

Can you please shut off your engine because it’s damaging to you and the environment.

Every time you idle, the environment dies just a little…

Person #1: Excuse me sir/miss. Could you please turn off your car? The reason I am asking is because everyday idling is affecting our environment dramatically.

Driver: What do you mean?

Person #1: Well, it’s making the greenhouse effect happen faster, and it’s making me sick.

A guy is sitting in a parking lot idling his car. “Excuse me sir, could you turn off your car because it could lead me to the emergency room.”

Person #1: Please shut off your car.

Driver: Why?

Person #1: Because you’re polluting my lungs.

Passengers: Please turn off your car!

Driver: Why?

Passengers: It’s killing our environment.

(A small child appears making a heart-breaking sad face.)
Child: I can’t breathe!!