Here are some lines that Riverside Secondary School students would use to convince drivers to stop idling unnecessarily

Zaynab & Christy: May you please turn off your vehicle?

Ana: Why?

Zaynab & Christy: Well, youíre causing damage to our precious environment. Did you know that it takes up to 200 years for the carbon dioxide youíre producing to dissolve in the atmosphere, and it causes premature deaths!

Ana: Wow, I didnít know that.

Zaynab & Christy: And you are wasting money and fuel.

Ana: Wow, you convinced me to stop idling.

Zaynab & Christy: Glad to help.

Ana: Thanks.

Us: Excuse me, could you please turn your engine off?

Him: Why?!

Us: Because if you donít, youíre risking your health and losing money! For example, every year 16,000 Canadians die prematurely from air pollution.

Him: Well thank you ladies I had no idea!

(Man turns off car).

Person to idler: Can you please turn off your car?

Idler: Why?

Person to idler: Did you know that sitting in a car while the car is idling is dangerous to you?

Idler: No, really?

Person to idler: Yes, because carbon dioxide is being released and getting trapped in your vehicle, even though your windows are closed. Idling can cause premature death, and it causes asthma and allergies.

Turn off your engine. Idling for even 10 seconds costs more and wastes more fuel than restarting your car. You are hurting yourself and your vehicle.

(Supriya sits in car)

Tara: Hey Supriya! You know that you should turn off your car while youíre waiting.

Supriya: Why would I do that? It uses up more fuel to start it than to keep it running.

Tara: No it doesnít! Thatís a myth! If youíre going to be stopped for more than 10 seconds, then it wastes more gas to start it again. Plus itís a hazard to everyoneís health!

Supriya: Oh! I didnít know that. Iíll never idle again!

Hey! You stop idling. It ruins the environment, youíre wasting your money, and making the world a worse place for your grandchildren!

Me: Sir, can you please turn off your engine?

Idler: Umm no? Itís cold outside.

Me: Well, what would you do if you had an extra $100 right now? Because that is how much money on average in gas on idling you waste each year!

Idler: Well it would use more gas to shut it off than idling.

Me: Actually! No, you have been idling for more than 10 seconds and you would actually use less gas to shut off your car than to let it idle.

(Dana sitting in car waiting for Katie to come outside.)

Nikki: Can you turn your engine off please?

Dana: I waste more money and gas turning it on and off.

Nikki: Are you serious? Statistics say that your car wastes more gas and gives off more pollution for 10 seconds than turning it off.

Dana: Seriously?

Nikki: Of course.

Katie: Whatís going on?

Nikki: Iím just telling your friend that idling is very bad for the environment.

Dana & Katie: Thank you!

Excuse me, can you please turn off your engine? Did you knowÖ Canadians, on average, idle five to ten minutes a day, which can add up to a 100+ dollars of gas money a year?

Katie: Excuse me maíam!

Elena: What do you want?!

Katie: Idling is bad!

Elena: What?

Vanessa: Turn off your engine.

Elena: Why?

Vanessa: Itís not called ĎAmerican Idleí for a reason.

Elena: What are you talking about.

Vanessa: An idol is someone you look up to. No one looks up to someone who idles because itís bad for the environment.

Elena: Iíve learned my lesson.