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Enviro Achiever Awards (Archive)

In the past CEA offered the Enviro Achievers Awards to celebrate those who had a positive enviromental effect in our region. Although these awards are not presently offered, the announcement below celebrates our final recipients.

Nominate an Enviro Achiever

If you know a person or organization that has contributed to the environmental health of our region, we want to hear about them. Please send us an email with a short summary about why you think your nominee is worthy of an Enviro Achiever Award. Awards are given out yearly so keep in touch to find out when the next award ceremony will be scheduled.

Past winners include FedUp! Windsor and Lisa Tulen for winning our 2008 Enviro Achiever Awards!

Fedup! Windsor at the Enviro Achiever Awards
Fedup! Windsor at the Enviro Achiever Awards.

FedUp! Windsor is a community gardening network which promotes sustainable food production. The goals of FedUp! are: reclaiming the urban landscape; rebuilding food skills and knowledge; producing food collectively and democratically; and strengthening the local food system. They are always looking for enthusiastic participants to help them grow as an effective organization, and to keep their programs relevant and accessible.

Lisa Tulen has been an active campaign volunteer with the CEA for over ten years. Lisa is the past president of th CEA and is currently a member-at-large board member. Through that time Lisa has represented the CEA at countless functions and activities. Her efforts on regional environmental issues have included representing the CEA through the Detroit River Remedial Action Program for many years. Lisa has been a tireless campaigner for environmental causes and an ardent supporter of the CEA.

Congratulations to both of you!